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يناير 21, 2022

?Jadidouna : 22 years old and everything in a unique way what’s next for Al-Hassan

Since his childhood and Al-Hassan Al-Faqih, he was completely convinced that man is what he achieves and what he leaves with fingerprints in his whole world. Life is between success and failure, excellence and imitation, but the most important rule is that God is more merciful than wasting the fatigue of his servant, and every diligent has a share.

He started with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Jordan – and started with his passion for pioneering work in full detail as a student activist and leader for 4 years between 2017 and 2021 in the field of entrepreneurship in all its forms. Labor market requirements He is also a member of the transport sector in the Youth Government of the Political Institute for the Preparation of Young Leaders. It is also considered as one of the main organizers of the two largest conferences held at the University of Jordan in 2019, namely TEDx and Youth Day.

After he was about to finish his bachelor’s stage and the details of success began with him and his insistence on succeeding and completing his academic career, but so far he has not found himself in this field. All he had in his heart was that this was not a position, and as he continued his pioneering and leadership work at the public and private levels during his studies at the university, Al-Hassan became today among the young people who were able to establish major youth institutions and conferences to confirm His Majesty’s statement that young people are the nucleus of society.

Al-Hassan arrives today with a set of successes that accompanied him during his four-year career, most notably his joining the Youth Government and also his international achievement in the Hult Prize recently.

Al-Faqih’s latest achievement was through the Hult Prize competition, the world’s largest entrepreneurial competition for university students, as he was able to successfully participate in organizing the Hult Prize for four different universities simultaneously: The University of Jordan – Mutah – The American University of Science and Technology and the American University of Madaba, in an achievement Standard made it number one. And it will be difficult to repeat it soon, emphasizing that our Jordanian youth are the basis and with them we take our steps to raise a creative generation that leads the future and is creative both technically and economically.

Fakih’s ambition hasn’t stopped yet. Successful journeys in sport, education, leadership, and entrepreneurship has led him to dream of politics. “I am that kind of person who always seeks to make the place I am in stand out and triumph. I am also a good negotiator.”

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